My Work

Here are the work I did so far. All my design works are at Dribbble & Behance


RadiusAgent iOS

Handling the entire iOS app for Radius Agent. Responsible of maintaining the code, additing new feature sets, discussion with the CEO and Product owner for addition of new features, improving the existing functionalities and adding more features that could improve the user experience. Leads the mobile team, and help the team to release the mobile apps which helps in increased user retention. 

Tech Stack : Objective C, iOS SDK, UIKit, LocationKit, RxSwift, RxCocoa, Xcode, Alamofire, Realm

Street Smart iOS App

Responsible for complete design and development of iOS app for Street Smart. Streetsmart helps shoppers to find deals and coupons by various categories, shops and more. Further app have inbuilt beacon detection using Bluetooth which helps to find the offers near you. App is incubated by Tata Elxsi as part of Tata Elxsi incub@TE program. 

Tech Stack : Objective C, iOS SDK, UIKit, LocationKit, BluetoothKit, Xcode, AFNetwork, JSON, APIs, Database

Toric iOS App

Toric is an app for doctors and users to determine the placement of lens in the cataract operation. It’s a hybrid app where the core logic is made with HTML and JavaScript and compiled into iOS and Android apps using PhoneGap SDK. Responsible for compiling the html code into iOS app. Currenly used my doctors to calculate the precise position.

Techstack : iOS, XCode, Phonegap, HTML, JS


LIFT is Law In Finger Tips. It’s an app for the lawyers to keep track of the past cases. Responsible for delivering the app to the client in the hybrid form. Helped in compiling the hybrid code into iOS apps using Phone Gap SDK. 

Techstack : iOS, XCode, Phonegap, HTML, JS

StreetSmart Admin iOS

A basic iOS app for the Streetsmart Admin Dashboard to see the user details and basic analysis. It’s an internal app used only inside the company. 

Tech stack : iOS SDK, UIKit, Alamofire, Xcode

Jiyo iOS

Jiyo is a Heath and Welness app developed in partnership with Deepak Chopra and Poonacha Machiach. Responsible for entire app architecture and development. Worked with a team of 2 developers at Above Solutions. Jiyo tracks all user data like movement, location, phone activity, health data, screen sensor data and provides insights on health and wellness based on the data points collected. Based on the users health data interpretation, Jiyo will provide tasks to the user which helps in health and wellness upkeeping. 

Tech Stack : UIKit, LocationKit, HealthKit, CoreData, AFNetworking, Background Tasks, WatchKit, SpriteKit, CoreAnimation, iOS SDK, Objective C,Xcode

Educanon iOS

Educanon is online learning platform for students based on subscription, in which the students can take the exams in the middle of the lecture. Assisted the developer in a module of the app, where there will be option to save multiple options for an answer. 

Tech stack : iOS SDK, AVFoundation, MediaKit, XCode

Tap it with Perk points

Tap it is game developed natively in UIKit. The game consists of multiple shapes running and you should tap based on the correct shape. Initially created as a hobby project, and used the same in the Hackathon. Later the game is acquired by the WOMI Studios, a game development Studio at Perk. Later on it is integrated with Perk SDK. Responsible for end delivery of the project. 

Tech stack : *iOS SDK, UIKit, Animation, Gesture recognition, XCode. *

Move it with Perk points

Move it is a game developed natively based on shuffling puzzle game. A single picture is scrambled into small pieces and shuffled and one piece is hided, so user can move the pieces and reform the picture. User can also select any image from the gallery or image from the camera. Responsible for end to end delivery of the app to the Perk users. 

Tech Stack: iOS SDK, UIKit, UIAnimation, Xcode, CoreData, Perk SDK

Escape plan with Perk points

Developed for WOMI studios, at Escape plan is a game developed natively in SpriteKit. The objective of the game is to dodge a plane from the missiles just by tapping on the screens. The missile will be randomly moved on the screen. The frequency of the missile will be based on the frequency of the movement of the screen. Completely responsible for design, architecture, development and release of the project. 

Tech Stack: iOS SDK, SpriteKit, UIKit, UIAnimation, Xcode, Perk SDK

2048 with Perk points

2048 is one of the famous game and available open source. Pulled from the original iOS game and made few changes along with the addition of Perk points and released in the App Store. Also made me an contributor to the original 2048 repository for iOS on GitHub. Reponsible for end to end delivery of the project. This project is developed for WOMI studios at 

Tech Stack: iOS SDK, SpriteKit, UIKit, UIAnimation, Xcode, Perk SDK

Swipe it with Perk points

Swipe it is an Hybrid game developed in Corona SDK for both iOS and Android. Its a clone of real swipe it game, in which arrows of different kind will be flowing from the top, and the player need to swipe the screen according to the type and direction of arrows. The speed of the arrow flow increased upon playing. Responsible for complete development and release of the game.

Tech Stack : Corona SDK, iOS, Android, Box2D, Animation, Gestures

Dashing dots with Perk points

Dashing dots in a hybrid game developed in Corona SDK for both iOS and Android. The idea is, need to align 2 dots in the screen on each other with just 2 taps. Contains multiple levels on the game. Responsible for the complete architecture, design, development and release of the game for Android and iOS versions.

Tech Stack : Corona SDK, iOS, Android, Box2D, Animation, Gestures

Corona Event Management App

CEMA is an app used internally by Corona Labs to manage the signup when meeting developers at the event. Its an simple app, specifically made for iPad, in which iPad can be placed in the event booths. People visiting to the booth can leave their name and email. Internally the app will save the entire user data in the local db. At the end of the day, all the user data can be exported into a JSON file for a particular event. User have options to collect developer data for multiple events at the same time, and can manage the event details. High data intensive application, which manages thousands of developers data. Responsible for complete development of the app.

TechStack : Corona SDK, iOS SDK, Animation

Corona IDE

Worked in a team of 2 for a major release of Corona SDK 2016.2992. Worked on the complete redesign of the Corona SDK simulator. Worked on the Lua code, which is compiled as native apps for Mac and Windows. Responsible for the complete redesign of the simulator screen which is used by 300,000+ developer around the world to develop games that has massive users like Fun Run 2, Hopiko, PKTBall, Candidate Crunch, Freeze, BBC QuizTix, Egz - The origin of the universe, etc.

Tech Stack : Lua, Corona SDK, C++, Box2D, macOS SDK

Feedoozy iOS

Feedoozy is an app for users to provide feedback to the business (Products & Services) and get rewards in turn. Its like an online wallet for providing feedback. The business get the complete feedback from the users digitally and could able to get the analytics of the users. This helps the business in getting insights and improve the product or services offered by the business. Responsible for complete design, architecture, development, testing and release of the app for App Store. 

Tech Stack : iOS SDK, Swift, UIKit, LocationKit, MapKit, Alamofire, CocoaPods, JSON, REST api


EfoodGuru is an app for food consumers, which helps the user to identify the amount of nutrition in each packaged food, and could easily help to see the nutritional content of the food. Also the app will notify the user if the food contains any allergic substance to the user based on the data filled. This app also helps to keep track of the food intake, also records the exercise of the user, therefore providing the data reports of the food intake. User can add the food data into the app easily by scanning the barcode or by entering the food name. Handled the architecting and development of beta version of the app.

Tech Stack : iOS SDK, Objective C, UIKit, LocationKit, HealthKit, AFNetworking, CoreData, Pods, BarCodeScanner SDK, Xcode

FFS - Fire Fighting Systems

FFS is an app used by the Australian company Fire Fighting Systems’s employees to keep track of the devices and status of the devices they install on the customers place. It keep track of the entire data of the device installed on the customer place and help to keep track of the expiry of the device. Its a field app used in the iPhone to record all the data into the database. The app also have the feature to record the image of the test sheet provided to the clients. Responsible for end to end delivery of the app to the client.

Tech Stack : Swift, iOS SDK, Photos Framework, UIKit, Alamofire, Xcode

Log Notes

Log Notes app is an simple note taking app, created for privileged customers which can able to take simple notes on the app, with location, time addition, and can take multiple notes on a single topic. Worked on the Feature requests and bug fixes of an existing codebase.

Tech Stack : Objective C, iOS SDK, CoreData, UIKit, Xcode.

Spora iOS

Spora iOS is an app for creating sport teams for multiple sports. It have an option to create a team, and select sport options, and can add multiple team members on the group. It also have option to chat with other players. Responsible for initial architecture of the project and development of initial Onboarding screens. 

Tech Stacks : iOS SDK, Swift, UIKit, Cocoapods, Alamofire, Xcode

Unleash App

Unleash is an on demand service curator and booking platform for pet services and products. The app have articles, podcasts related to pets and animals that helps the user to get engaged in the app. The app have option to order fresh food, book boarding services, Vet clinic appointment, pet relocation and grooming facilities. As a part of the team, worked on the complete iOS app architecture, design, development, testing and release of the app. Also helped the other developer in Backend development in Node Js, Mongo DB, Jade. Helping on the operations of the company using tech.

Tech Stacks : iOS SDK, Swift, CocoaPods, Alamofire, REST apis, JSON, LocationKit, Realm DB, MapKit, UIKit, Third Party frameworks, OneSignal, PushNotifications, Branch, Xcode

Vendour iOS App

Vendour is the single-app solution to all your problems across different automated retail machines. Now simply go to any Vendour-enabled machine. The payment can be made using a number of compatible mobile wallets and saved credit and debit cards. And if while buying you want to know more about the product, the app gives full access to the product label, nutritional information and ingredients list. Join Vendour in reducing transaction time to make more time for doing the things you love. Happy Vendouring!

Tech Stacks : iOS SDK, Swift, CoreBluetooth, CocoaPods, Alamofire, REST apis, JSON, UIKit, Third Party frameworks, Xcode

Finly iOS App - Ongoing

Working on the New Update for the Finly : Finly helps you track and manage your business expenses from end-to-end. We are here to take away your worries about expense reporting, processing cash advance requests and reimbursements, utility bill payments, and most importantly keeping your accounting tool up-to-date. We have got it all covered for you. Expense report automation, petty cash management, travel expense management, digital marketing spends, b2b and utility bill payments. You no longer need to rely on sharing Credit Cards or allow your Employees to incur out of pocket expenses. Employees can now spend using our Prepaid Card at ATMs, Online Stores or make In store purchase, of course at the discretion of the Employer

Tech Stacks : iOS SDK, Swift, Objective C, Admin Controls, CocoaPods, Alamofire, REST apis, JSON, UIKit, Third Party frameworks, Xcode